Ida Sports is Hiring an Operations Manager

Ida Sports - Operations Manager

Ida Sports is a female sports footwear company from Melbourne, Australia and is on a mission to make the best boot in the world for female athletes. We launched our first product in Australia in early 2020 but thrived and we are now exporting to the US and Europe.

We are looking for an enthusiastic operations manager to join our small team and bring their incredible organisational skills to the next phase of our growth.

Who you are as a person:

  • You have a strong ability to understand the vision of the company and the founders and translate into project plans and operational milestones.

  • You have a strong ability to multitask, prioritise and direct efforts in an efficient manner.

  • You are an excellent people manager with great delegation abilities.

  • You thrive in an environment that is constantly changing, chaotic and sometimes unstructured.

  • You are self directed with a clear sense of what success looks like for the company and how to find a way to get there operationally.

  • You are able to act as the go-to operations person in the company such that founders can direct themselves towards more strategic objectives.

If you get excited by the following, this is probably the role for you:

“So, what you’re saying is you’ve got X budget and you need to make Y, Z, and W happen? OK, got it”.

"Hmm, I think you could save money on currency exchange. Let me look into that"
“You’re not making the most of X’s skills, you should offer them the opportunity to work in the Sales team”.

"Ooh, that inventory is sooooooo messy, let me organise it for you"

"We want to set up e-commerce in Brazil. Ready, Steady, Go."

"That price is way too high. Let me negotiate on that".

Experience and skills:

The ideal candidate will be proficient in, and enjoy doing:

  • HR-related things. You love talking to people and organising contracts. You don’t mind losing an hour to the ATO’s website on pensions.

  • Financially-literate things. You don’t have to be an accountant but you might have managed project budgets and know how to read a balance sheet.

  • Logistical things. You enjoy organising inventories and figuring out the best way to move things around the world.

  • Processy-things. If it looks messy to you, it probably is and you are the person to bring order to the chaos. A Monica to the Phoebes.

Bonus skills and interests:

  • Startup experience (or ready to take the plunge from corporate);

  • Ability and interest to get involved in other aspects of the business (got some skills in marketing, tell us about it); and,

  • An interest in female sports and empowering female athletes (we're on a mission to change the game for women in sport. It's more than just a shoe).


The right person loves the flexibility and independence of working in startups. Challenges are seen as opportunities and your growth mindset helps you to learn anything new that you don't already know.

We are especially keen to hear from those who are coming back to work after a break and want more flexibility in their work/life balance. The ideal candidate has been working for 5-10 years and now wants to work in a growing startup. The role is intended to scale as the company scales.

The role is initially 0.5FTE (Part-time) and you must be eligible to work in Australia.

To apply, please send the following pdfs to h​​ with the subject line, “Operations Manager Application”:

  1. Your latest CV or resumé. Please add your LinkedIn profile in the email text.

  2. A cover letter stating why you are interested in working with us and referencing aspects of this job description.

  3. An answer to the following question (max. 300 words): What does awesome customer service mean to you?

Deadline for application submission is Monday 8th February (midnight AEDT).

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