How will women’s rugby boots impact my game?

Women’s rugby in Australia

According to data from World Rugby women now make up 26% of all rugby players, and the amount of women involved in the sport globally having increased 60% since 2013.  Not only this, 40% of all global fans are women and 50% of all Olympic rugby players are women.

Women’s rugby 7s in Australia has received a welcome boost this month with $2.2mil in funding from the AIS. This is great news for female rugby players at all levels, and means the sport can continue along the path it is paving following the 2016 Rio gold medal win.

In 2018 23% of the number of people playing rugby in Australia was female, with 63,443 Australia women and girls playing rugby, including 15s and 7s.

 We know that the number of female participants in rugby 7s is growing, but there are hardly any options for women to buy women’s rugby boots designed for their feet, comfort and performance.

The Ida team designed our first boots for rugby players alongside footy and soccer players because a lot of the movements and the support required for players’ feet are similar. 

How will Ida’s women’s rugby boots impact my game?

  • Speed and traction

Rugby 7s is a fast game. You need boots that will not only fit your feet snugly so that there’s no movement in the boot, you also need to be able to make quick, multidirectional  cutting movements and jinks to dodge opponents at speed. Ida’s boots have a wider toe box and narrower heel than men’s boots to support you to run fast. 

  • Support

To support your feet so that they are comfortable throughout whole games and tournaments, Ida boots have additional a higher arch. This means the pressure load is not only being supported by your heels and toes.  

As women generally have different weight distribution throughout the body, the support required from the studs is different too. When wearing men’s boots, we are unconsciously compensating for the lack of support which can result in injury. The configuration of the studs on Ida boots is specifically designed to support women’s bodies. 

  • Control

Ida boots are made with premium, sustainably sourced K-leather. The soft material allows for maximum control for small kicks on the ball. 

When choosing your next pair of rugby 7s boots, your aim should be for your feet to be able to replicate as natural movement as possible. At Ida we only make boots for women because we think there are enough men’s boots out there already. 

Check out our boots in our boot shop.


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