Everything you need to know about women’s footy boots in 2020

Women have been playing footy in Australia for a long time

Although the women’s professional AFL league has only been running for three years in Australia, women have been playing footy across the country for over 100 years. 

At the start of the 2000s, women’s participation in footy began to rocket, with the number of national teams registered increasing by 450% in the year 2000. It is now one of the fastest growing women’s sports; a survey conducted post the launch of AFLW in 2017 found that women made up 30% of all participants in the sport in Australia. 

“I loved them, they were so comfortable I forgot I was wearing new boots!”

 Belle Dawes, Brisbane Lions

The rapid expansion of the women’s game has resulted in some areas of the sport running to catch up. Women’s footy boots have been one of them.

Women have always worn boots not designed for their feet

Women have had to wear small men’s or large kid’s boots that don’t provide adequate support for our feet. As men and women’s feet are not anatomically the same, this results in potential injury and dampens performance. 

The good news is that there are now finally boots being designed for women. In fact, it’s the whole reason we founded Ida Sports. We spent a lot of time researching the needs of players in terms of fit, comfort, performance, and health and learnt a lot about how a women’s footy boot should be designed. Here’s what we know.

Requirements of women’s soccer boots

  • Stud alignment to support pressure load

The studs alignment on women’s footy boots is designed to spread your weight across the boot and spread the pressure load more evenly across your feet. This is important to avoid foot, leg, and knee injuries and will mean your feet are more comfortable throughout a full game.

  • Narrow heel cup

Narrow heel cups means your feet are far less likely to slip out of your boots when you are running and tackling. The extra support around the heel will enable you to have better traction when changing direction quickly.

  • Wider toe box

Women typically have a proportionally wider toe area than men. Women’s footy boots accommodate this for better comfort and control when running and kicking.

  • Midfoot support

The higher arch in women’s footy boots supports your feet for the duration of a match and puts less weight on other pressure points in your feet.

  • Traction and stability when swerving

Women’s footy boots are designed to give you maximum stability and traction when tackling even when you swerve hard. The boots are a better fit around your feet so you don’t waste energy overcompensating for boots that don’t quite fit the shape of your feet. 

  • Soft Touch

Ida’s women’s boots are made with sustainably-sourced kangaroo leather. It’s durable, lightweight, flexible, strong and moulds to your foot for comfort and more control on the ball. 

It is our mission here at Ida to provide women’s footy boots designed for female athletes. We think that our boots are pretty great and, although we know we’re biased, we’ve also had some pretty good feedback from the most important people - the ALFW players themselves:

“The boots are amazing - they feel like the comfy pair of trainers you put on at the end of a session”

Bec Goring, Geelong AFLW Vice-Captain

“These boots are made for performance... I’m right behind Ida’s mission to help female athletes feel comfortable in their shoes”

Erica Fowler, Collingwood

Check out our boot shop for more info here.

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