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All black is the colourway of choice for our athletes.

Of course we had to go all black. When deciding what colours to launch Ida Sports with, there was a lot of choice for us to go with, but only one front runner. 

The current football trends focus on bright, fluoro boots but we were much keener to do something radical with our first product. We decided to listen to the women we were designing for and create boots that players want. When putting together surveys for our initial product discussions, all black football boots came up time and time again.

All Black Football Boots

“I just want a classic look”

“I’m not a flashy player, I want to play in all black”

Black kangaroo leather was an easy choice of material as it molds to the feet and is easy to play in. We then worked hard with the different midfoot materials to produce a black boot with a white logo that stands out. A red heel tab and red studs then add a dash of colour.

However, even that is too much colour for some people so we’re looking at a fully classic, all black football boot for future runs.

Get in touch to suggest future colourways.