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From match day to training, boots go through a lot on the pitch. From taking that worldy shot and making that long pass that leaves people in awe, to tracking your runners back or making that long field run to get in the box.

The perfect boots give us the comfort and confidence to play well. So by protecting your boots, you are ultimately protecting your feet. 

But you might be wondering, “Why would I need a boot bag when I can just store my boots and belongings in a normal backpack?”

Here are a few reasons for you… 

ida boot bag


1. Smell

You may think your boots don’t stink… but they do. You know it’s true. Your car will smell, your home will smell, your backpack will smell. A boot bag is your solution. 

2. Convenience

We've all gone through the frantic rush before a match or training sessions trying to find our boots, our shinpads, our keys, our masks, the clean shorts, and on and on. Keep things organized so you can grab and go. 

3. Equipment Care

Our boots are more than just an accessory. We use them multiple times a day,  several days a week. They are a tool that allows us to perform in our sport. Protecting them from the outdoor elements is crucial and will ultimately extend the life of them. If you have a puppy with a shoe-chewing problem, you might consider a boot bag as well.


  • Compartments - some are top loading and some are side loading. Both make for a great way to separate smelly, dirty boots.
  • Pockets - not only to store your boots but also your keys, wallet, phone and any other accessories you may have. 
  • Straps - ideally these are adjustable or removable. Enables you to carry the boot bag over the shoulder with ease, free up your hands, or stuff it in a bigger bag.
  • Dimensions - this will vary depending on the boot bag, but most can hold shin pads, dirty socks, or even goalie gloves alongside your trainers or boots.
  • Material - Look for a bag that’s water resistant in case it’s out in the rain. And if you’re lucky you might even find a boot bag made with sustainable materials, like the new IDA Boot Bag made with rPET from recycled plastics.


Boot bags usually range between the prices $10- $20 depending on the features.